Roof Clean & Moss Kill Services

Roof Clean & Moss Kill Services

Roof Clean & Moss Kill Services in Tauranga and the greater Bay of Plenty region.

​Need to kill the moss, mould, lichen and microscopic organisms from the roof and make your roof look great. Our recommendation is to do it the right way the Roof Painting Tauranga way. We can manage the nasty’s that love to develop on your roof. Our roof treatment expands the life of your paint whether it is a new paint job or an old one beaten up pretty bad. We can also wash and treat your roof.

If your roof is covered in moss, mould and lichen there is no compelling reason to replace your roof, simply get in tough with Roof Painting Tauranga and one of our benevolent staff will come out and give a complimentary free quote and free advice and in practically the entirety of event’s we can essentially treat your roof and in a couple of months you will see a monstrous change in the state of your roof. We are likewise ready to give a maintenance spraying service where we will come and treat your roof like clockwork, this will kill the moss and mould spores before they are visual and before they start to damage your roof.

The vast majority of people don’t know about the structural damage moss, mould and lichen  can do to your rooft, Left untreated it will begin to debase your roof because of the caustic nature of mould spores and the moss and mould will make overabundance water retention to cement and clay tile roofs which will corrupt them quicker and will require another roof up to 10 years sooner than if it was dealt with. Additionally abundance dampness inside your roof will cause untimely spoiling of your timber frame and mould to develop in your roof space.​

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